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The Writing Desk 27 is the trading name of Sharmila Meadows, a freelance writer-copywriter from London, England.

She is available to hire for writing services, including:

  • website content/development, SEO and marketing.

  • press articles, speeches and publicity.

  • fundraising and partner/donor engagement, such as business reports and correspondence.

  • Bible-themed writing, including devotions, articles, prayers.

  • Material to support Christian retreats, pilgrimage or mission.

  • Social media content.

Sharmila's writing passions include Scripture and Christian mission, poverty, medical care, cricket and disadvantage.

"Government writing demands both precision and flair, acute awareness of audience and an ability to adapt style, pitch and tone: skills well suited to writing copy for clients."  


As a professional writer, Sharmila has written copy for medical/humanitarian and Christian charities, including Bible Society.  Her own business has trained her in SEO and driving site traffic, writing copy that is easy to find, user-friendly and highly readable.

"Client writing is like a wild meadow; creating a habitat for seeds to take root and thrive.  I hope that my work supports businesses, charities, start-ups, churches and missions to promote their vision and shine.


"If you're interested in my copywriting services, please use the Contact Form. You can also find me on social media:"

  • Instagram
  • Twitter

A graduate in European History and French (Hons),  Sharmila comes to writing from two decades of policy advice in the UK Government, where she also served as Private Secretary to three Government Ministers.

"Government taught me to write accurate, engaging prose in diverse formats for very different purposes.  I wrote content that could withstand the scrutiny and theatre of Parliament, hold credibility with industry experts or meet the needs of the general public.  In particular, I loved the challenge of crafting compelling narrative on sensitive, "hard sell" policy.


"The write up beautifully done with the professional touch, which can only come with huge experience."

Dr Jay Arnold, NHS Consultant Gastroenterolgist & Charity Trustee, Friends of Manipay Hospital

"Sharmila writes from the heart, and a deep personal relationship with God.  I find her posts clearly written, insightful and challenging.  They often bring a new perspective, which encourages further reflection."

The Reverend Mark Williams,

Anglican Vicar

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