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Sharmila Meadows is the writer behind The Writing Desk 27.  She is a British freelance writer-copywriter from London, England, where she still lives and works.


After graduating in European History and French (Hons) Language, she spent two decades as a Policy Adviser to the UK Government in Westminster, working on a range of policies and serving as Private Secretary to three Government Ministers in the House of Lords.  She also had spells living and working in France, New Zealand and Australia - and indeed, France and the Commonwealth rest close to her heart.

"Service has been the recurring theme of my career path: it was an immense privilege to serve HM Government and that same heart for service drives my writing.  I know that writing can offer a voice for the voiceless and plant landscapes where clients thrive in their enterprise, mission or vision. 


"My time in Government taught me to write accurate, engaging prose in diverse formats for very different purposes. 



"I wrote content that could withstand the scrutiny and theatre of Parliament, hold credibility with industry experts or meet the needs of the general public.  In particular, I loved the challenge of crafting compelling narrative on sensitive, "hard sell" policy.  

"My writing is also shaped by my passions for poverty-relief, medical care, the disadvantaged, French, the Commonwealth and cricket.  Being British of Sri Lankan heritage, I jest that tea and cricket were guaranteed passions and through summer, you will find me at the Kennington Oval.

"My writing is also informed by my Christian faith, expressed by The Mission Post Blog and other devotional writing, including work for Bible Society.  As a writer, I long to create places of encounter between a reader and Scripture: places that God inhabits and where he speaks.


"Thank you for dipping your toes in the water with me."


"Sharmila writes from the heart, and a deep personal relationship with God.  I find her posts clearly written, insightful and challenging.  They often bring a new perspective, which encourages further reflection."

The Reverend Mark Williams,

Anglican Vicar

"The write up beautifully done with the professional touch, which can only come with huge experience."

Dr Jay Arnold, NHS Consultant Gastroenterolgist & Charity Trustee, Friends of Manipay Hospital

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